ReFAB-ulous Contest

Promote Tommy Art with DIYers and Artists in Your Community

Hosting a ReFAB-ulous Contest gives your store the opportunity to invite members of your community to compete in the clever use of the Tommy DIY Paint System. The basic idea is this: participants in the contest use Tommy Art products to transform an interesting item they’ve found with the goal of making what seems like trash, or just plain ordinary, into an extraordinary treasure!

This contest gives your store the chance to profit from sales while also promoting Tommy Art through social media. Just think of showcasing photos of the ‘before and after’ items transformed by participants.

Here are the basic steps for holding one of these contests in your store - which everyone wins! Keep in mind that this is not a strict, how-to guide, as it can be adapted however you like to best suit your community.

Examples of upcycled items.

Examples of upcycled items.

Basic outline of the steps

1. First, figure out what the prize will be and who will select the winner, (aka ‘the judges’). Will it be a cash prize, a gift card, or more Tommy Art products? Oftentimes, the recognition through social media is a big enough deal for participants that they’ll all feel like they’re winning if they get featured by your Facebook page!

2. Create a Facebook Event in addition to printed flyers in order to get potential participants notified of the prize, the basic concept, and how to get involved. The event should be online,  but could also be kicked off at a ladies night or in person to officially sign up and purchase paint.

3.  Note that when potential participants ask about the contest, give them an outline of  rules and deadlines.

4. Let them know that they must transform an object that needs some color, sparkle, texture or shine. Then, give them an overview of the Tommy Art products they can use to transform their chosen item.

5. Set a budget for how much Tommy Art product can be used in order to level the playing field and minimize the out-of-pocket expense of participants.

6. Give participants a deadline to re-purpose their item. It could be a week, or maybe two? The timing gives people time to really do something special and extends your social media campaign.


7. Participant must return their project to the store finished and ready to display before the deadline with a decent printed before photo that can be displayed. Encourage them to provide a digital photo of their item, both before and after which can be shared online. If your store doesn’t have space to display the items, then the judges would have to use the before and after photos to determine the winner.

8. Who will be the judges? Celebrity judges, community choice, store employee selection? Figure out how to judge the participants’ projects. Consider how the community choice option might give you the opportunity to pump the contest on social media with photos and intrigue.

9. A store gift certificate or such as a prize to the winner(s).  

10. We look forward to following and giving shout outs to special projects - as appropriate.

Just think of how much EXPOSURE, fun, and interactive social media content that this contest could provide your store.  This is not an in-store event, so there is no need to provide space or supplies and no mess in the store.

Let us know if your store is about to start a ReFAB-ulous Contest and we’ll do our best to support you.