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Discover the Tommy Art DIY Paint System. Made in Italy using traditional techniques, the #diy paint system Creator Tommaso Bottalico introduces you to the Tommy Art families: Texture, Shine, Finish, Color, and Special.


Classic Vintage Technique

Tommy demonstrates the Classic Vintage distressing technique using two contrasting colors of mineral paint from our Color family, solid wax and a fine grit sandpaper to create a gently distressed finish. You can seal this technique with wax or varnish from our Finish family.

Finish and Color


Distressed Vintage Technique

Love that distressed vintage look? In our latest video, Tommy demonstrates how you can achieve that look with your project using two mineral paints, a cream wax, and sand paper. When choosing colors, pick contrasting colors or values for best results.


Finish Family: Black Chalkboard Varnish

Turn any surface into a blackboard with the Tommy Art DIY Black Chalkboard Varnish. Use Acrylic Primer for nonporous surfaces, and let dry 72 hours before writing on the surface with chalk.


Finish Family: Clear Chalkboard Varnish

Feeling more creative than a traditional blackboard? With our Clear Chalkboard Varnish, any Tommy Art mineral color painted surface can be transformed to be written on with chalk. Here, Tommy demonstrates with Avocado Mineral paint from our Color family and finishes with Clear Chalkboard Varnish.


Finish Family: Wax and Varnish

Seal your project with a kiss with the Tommy Art DIY Finish family, featuring a selection of waxes and varnishes for your desired effect.


Antiquing with Wax

Add a little dimension to your 3D projects with Antiquing Wax to achieve an aged effect. Tommy demonstrates how on a textured mirror frame.


Special Family: Antiquing Coatings

Coatings are another way to add texture to your projects. Follow these easy steps using mineral paint, coatings, and wax paper to achieve the look.


Antiquing Coating on Wood

Coatings are a simple way to add dimension to untreated wood projects.


Texture Family: Pastes

Discover the Tommy Art DIY Texture family! Tommy introduces and demonstrates how to apply ochre, green copper, volcano, and terracotta pastes, sure to add dimension to any project.

Finish Family

Texture and Finish Families Part 1: Rock Effect

Using just rock paste and antiquing coating, Tommy shows how you can create an aged rock or stone effect with the Tommy Art DIY Paint System.

Texture and Special Families

Texture and Finish Families Part 2: Dimensional Stenciling

Create 3-dimensional effects using pastes from the Tommy Art DIY Paint System Texture line and your favorite stencils.


Stenciling Techniques with Mineral Paint

With mineral paint from the Tommy Art Color line, it's fast and easy to add dimensional stenciling to your projects.

Color family


3D Crackle

Surprise and delight by mixing our 3D Dust Crackle with products in the Tommy Art DIY System to create captivating relief effects. Increase the amount of powder to achieve even more pronounced crackling.


Shine Family Featuring Sparkle Paint

Add shine to your project with the Tommy Art DIY Shine family. Tommy Art boasts shimmering metallics like gold, silver, pearl, and champagne or add Sparkle Paint to any Color to make it glitter.