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Craft the cute decor you've been wishing you had.

Tommy Art - Shine - Gold Metallic paint

Shine on.
And on, and on...

Rich, lustrous Metallic Paints and glittering Sparkle Paint. Paint your stuff, paint your friend's stuff, give EVERYTHING a coat of dazzling brilliance.




Achieve your DIY dreams. 

Tommy Art - Color line mineral paints

It isn't easy to pick just one color. Try, we dare you.

40 ridiculously rich, matte mineral paint colors. Just try and resist painting everything you own.



Tommy Art products are made in Italy using traditional techniques.

Tommy Art pigment paint from Italy
Tommy Art factory in Lecco, Italy
Tommy Art raw pigment for mineral paints
Tommy Art mineral paint mixing
Tommy Art millstones refining pigment for paint



The key to personalized decor.

Tommy Art project - Acrylic Primer on glass

You think you're special? We know you are.

They're called "special effects" for a reason. Sometimes you need to work magic on surfaces with our Acrylic Primer. Coatings give subtle color effects, 3D Dust Crackle magically makes new paint look aged!




Fulfill your faux fantasies. 

Tommy Art project - Rock Paste and Terracotta Paste

Get lost in a new dimension.

Texture products give unreal life - pastes that look like real rock, gesso that holds shape like clay, gel for messy, artistic flair.




The cracks let the light in.

Tommy Art project - Seal with Varnish or Wax

Finish strong.

You worked so hard on your DIY project, may as well make it last. Finish with varnish or wax for ultimate protection from harm. That's a wrap!