DIY Faux-Hammered Metal Sign


The richness of Tommy Art DIY Paint System allows for plenty of creative options. See our fun tutorial for a textured faux-hammered metal using our thick, holds-texture Silver Metallic paint. Your hammered metal will rival the real deal for easy and inexpensive accents to your home decor.



Raw Materials

  • 6” x 12” balsa wood plank

  • 4” balsa wood letters

  • ½” stipple paint brushes - one for each wax

  • 1 ½” soft bristle paint brush

  • Adhesive

Tommy Art Materials

Steps for the backboard

This technique uses cream wax and a coarse sandpaper to allow for a distressed paint effect. Choose contrasting colors or values for best results.  For the backboard you'll use Tommy Art colors Milk and Rope, along with the Neutral Wax. You'll also need coarse sandpaper, a cotton cloth and paintbrush on hand.

  1. Clean the surface of the item to be painted.

  2. Apply the base color (Milk) and let dry completely.

  3. Use a soft brush to apply a small amount of neutral wax to edges, corners, and other areas where a distressed look is desired.

  4. Remove excess wax using a cotton cloth.

  5. Apply the surface color (Rope) evenly and let dry completely.

  6. Sand with a coarse grit sandpaper, paying close attention to the areas where the wax has been applied.

  7. Brush off dust and protect with neutral wax applied by soft cloth. Allow wax to rest for a few minutes and buff to shine.


Steps for letters

Use the thick metallic paint by Tommy Art, a palette knife, along with antiquing wax and neutral wax to create the visible texture of hammered metal. Also keep ahold of that paintbrush and cotton cloth.

  1. Using a firm, stipple brush or a a palette knife, apply silver metallic paint to the entire surface. Apply thick and lift away from pools to create texture.

  2. Let dry completely.

  3. Using a brush, apply a thick layer of antiquing wax. Let dry slightly.

  4. Using a cloth dipped in neutral wax, gently remove the antiquing wax from the surface texture.

  5. Let dry until no longer tacky to the touch.

  6. If desired, buff with a clean cloth to add shine.

Creating metallic texture.

Creating metallic texture.

Layering antiquing wax.

Layering antiquing wax.

Layering neutral wax.

Layering neutral wax.


When board and letters are dry, drill hole in top center of the board to serve has a nail hole. Camouflage with sprigg of faux greenery and twine. Adhere letters to board with adhesive.