Welcome! Please choose ONE (1) Complimentary Technique Kit. We’re excited to see what you create.

*Please note, some jars will be samples and marked ‘not for resale’ and should not be used in final photography.
We will provide at least one product to be used in promotional imagery.

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Distressed Vintage Technique

The Distressed Vintage technique is similar to the Classic Vintage technique but uses cream wax rather than a solid wax and a coarse sandpaper to get a more distressed effect. Choose contrasting colors or values for best results.

The Vintage Distressed technique kit includes our Neutral Wax, your choice of one light and one dark complementary colors, to create a distressed effect.


Weather Distressed Technique

The Weather Distressed technique is used to create a multi-layered, heavily distressed or “chipped” appearance. This technique can be done with additional layers of color for a more aged appearance.

Our Weather Distressed technique kit includes our Neutral Wax, one dark and two light mineral paint colors.

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Stone Effect

Create the look of weathered rock with the Stone Effect using our Paste and Coating.

The Stone Effect kit includes two jars of your choice of Paste and a complimentary Coating.

The example uses Rock Paste and Antiquing Coating.


Dimensional Stenciling

Dimensional Stenciling begins with a base layer of mineral paint. Then choose your favorite stencil and use our Stencil Paste to create a one of a kind design. Finish with Varnish to protect your project.

The Dimensional Stenciling kit includes one color of your choice, Stencil Light Paste and your choice of a Matte or Glossy Varnish.

The example uses Stencil Light Paste as is, but the paste can also be mixed with Tommy Art mineral paint for a lighter version of the original color.

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3D Dust Crackle Effect

Tommy Art 3D Dust Crackle can be combined with mineral paint colors and coatings to create the look of aged, cracking paint.

Our 3D Dust Crackle effect kit includes two mineral paint colors of your choice and a jar of 3D Dust Crackle.


Sparkle Paint Effect

Our Sparkle Paint effect is achieved by mixing our Shine product to any Tommy Art mineral paint. After the paint dries lightly sand it to reveal the sparkle.

Our Sparkle Paint kit includes your choice of three mineral paint colors and Sparkle Paint.



Painting on Glass, Metal, or Plastic

The Tommy Art line of products does not require primer when used on porous surfaces, but if you’re working on a DIY project with a non-porous surface then you need this kit.

Our kit includes a primer, your choice of color and a finish.


Wax Patina

The Wax Patina technique uses layers of mineral paint and colored wax to create a simple effect. Buff with steel wool for a satin effect or buff with a damp cloth for a glossy effect.

The Wax Patina kit includes your choice of two mineral paint colors and our White Wax.

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Transfer Gel Technique

Any image or word can be transferred to a number of different surfaces with Tommy Art transfer gel and this easy technique.

The Transfer Gel kit includes your choice of a light base color, Transfer Gel, and your choice of finish.

For a true to color print transfer, we recommend shades of white as your base color.

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Clear Chalkboard Technique

Make any surface a chalkboard with our Clear Chalkboard Technique. This kit is for use on porous surfaces, to use on a non-porous surface a primer is recommended.

Kit includes your choice of one mineral color or metallic paint and Clear Chalkboard.


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Textured Metal

The Textured Metal technique can be created with any of the Tommy Art Metallics depending on your desired effect.

The Textured Metal kit includes your choice of two Metallic mineral paints and Antiquing Wax.

The example uses Bronze Metallic and Antiquing Wax applied with a palette knife.


Antiquing Coatings

Use colored waxes directly on painted surface to accentuate texture and create a deeper aged effect. This technique works well on objects with a lot of surface texture.

The Antiquing Coating kit includes your choice of a light color mineral paint, one of the colored coatings and a Neutral Wax.

Buff with steel wool for a satin effect or with a damp cloth for a glossy effect.



Faux Stucco

Layer and combine pastes and coating to create a subtle, stucco effect.

The Faux Stucco kit includes Sand Paste, Ochre Paste and Dove Gray Coating.


Faux Rust Effect

Create the look of aged, rusted metal using our Faux Rust technique.

The Faux Rust technique kit includes Bright Orange and Brick Red Thin Pastes and Antiquing Coating.

For a more sporadic rust look, start with a Tommy Art mineral paint base layer and create areas of rust and areas of no rust. (not included in this kit)

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Hammered Metal

The effect of aged steel can be achieved with our Hammered Metal technique.

The Hammered Metal kit includes Silver Metallic paint, Antiquing Wax and Neutral Wax.